• Industry leader in metallic yarn and glitter powder based products

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    ICILON – A pioneer in metallic yarn and glitter-based products!


    Icilon, established since 1926, is one of the industry leaders in the field of Metallic Yarn, Jari Kasab, Embroidery Jari, Glitter Powder, and Glitter Fabric. Superior velocity, cutting-edge technology, and sincere customer concern are the values Icilon lives by. We aim for a culture valuing productivity, proficiency, and quality!


    Icilon is ideally fashioned to fit in with the ethics of conventional metallic yarn and glitter business while simultaneously blending in advanced innovations. Our passion has enabled us to go the extra mile to dig down successful strategies, experimental concepts, and ingenious designs.


    Our products are used in

    • Textile Industries for Printing
    • To weave Fabrics
    • Greeting Printing and Decoration
    • In manufacturing Glitter Glue
    • Christmas, Diwali and other festivals Decoration items
    • Embroidery and Computer Embroidery.

    At Icilon, we strive hard to promote our immense potential in bringing about a revolutionary change within the metallic yarn and glitter industry.

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