• Jari Kasab

    Engaged in manufacturing sophisticated metallic yarn, Icilon promised an excellent finish, great luster, and high tenacity!


    At Icilon, we manufacture and stock finest quality jari range to bring about enticing finesse when embroidered on a fabric. We offer a comprehensive range of Embroidery Threads, Embroidery Yarns, Embroidery Material, Metallic Yarn, Half Fine Jari Thread, Jardosi, Jari Cords, Jari Kasab, Laces etc.


    Our products have gained wide admiration throughout the market for their durability, explicit variety, and optimum quality. Icilon’s dyeing-guaranteed products are extensively used for weaving and embroidery.

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    Metallic Yarn (M-type)

    We manufacture metallic yarn by micro-slitting metallic, lacquered polyester film into various sizes of 1/69”, 1/100”, and 1/110”.


    There is an assortment of bold, brilliant, and reflective colors available to enhance the fabric.


    Metallic yarns can be used in just about every form of textiles to add a tinge of sparkle. They are also widely used in

    • Embroidery

    • Velvet

    • Laces

    • Ribbons

    • Accessories

    • Interior decoration

    • Industrial subsidiary materials

    Covered Yarn


    Our state-of-the-art covering machines manufacture covered yarns by feeding one yarn through one or more revolving spindles carrying the other wrapping yarn. Our high-tech covered yarns offer a transparent and smooth appeal along with remarkable durability and a deluxe feel.


    Covered yarns are mainly used in the fashion sector for hosiery, bodies, and seamless articles. They are also quite desirable in the sock manufacturing and weaving division.

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    ST-Type Yarn
    A ST-Type yarn is produced by wrapping a metallic yarn around a core yarn. The metallic yarn completely covers the polyester or nylon core yarn.


    These yarns are extensively used in various textile industry branches including wide width weaving, the narrow ribbons, military regalia, embroidery, braids, knitting, cords, etc.

    MX-Type Yarn
    A MX-type yarn comprises of any polyester single metalized mono-filament supported with two ends of 20d or 40d poly-amide nylon mono-filament. Expect super soft quality, outstanding tensile strength, and radiant color.


    These yarns are applicable to the yarn-dyed weaving and knitting industry, nylon stocking, fine gauge, panty hose, and bathing suit fabrics.

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    MH-Type Yarn

    A MH-Type yarn is generally produced on 12 microns 1/110” twisted with 75d Rayon. It offers the woven and knitted fabrics the much adored splendid design and a tender feel.


    These yarns are suitable for manufacturing of braids, trimmings, fancy up spinning, sweaters, knitwear, high fashion, and embroidery.