• Reiko Metallic Yarn

    Icilon has been supplying lame yarn for more than half-century. Our top-grade Metallic yarn has a lovely brilliance achieved by vapor deposition of aluminum and pure-silver, etc. The variations of our product include general types with bright colors and excellent durability, a powdered type indispensable in cosmetics, and soft types with a gentle feel and a wide range of colors. We continue to advance in our efforts to meet the demands of the times.


    • Regular Type
    [ Weight reduction processing type, Nylon dyeing, Dispersion high-pressure dyeing and Reactive dyeing type ]
    RTS-106, RTS-104/RSP series/RTB series/SR2 series/B2 series/NM series
    • Soft Type
    [ Non-formalin and Custom colour compatible type ]
    Lamé Session
    Alpure/Luslon/Virgo/Virgo Mat/Regulus

    Regular Type


    Our lamé possess a lovely metallic sheen. A wide variety of colors and characteristics are available to meet a broad range of product requirements.

    ●Beautiful metallic luster.
    ●Light and gentle to the touch.
    ●Excellent tensile and tearing strength.
    ●Good water resistance and laundering durability.
    ●High heat resistance.
    ●Superior resistance to dyes and chemicals.
    ●Available in a variety of colors and textures.
    Clothing, interior design products, decorations, miscellaneous items, industrial materials, etc.

    Soft Type

    Lamé Session

    Soft to the touch and available in many different colors, this new concept in lame yarn is suitable for piece dyeing.

    ●Capable of piece dyeing.
    ●Custom production of small lots.
    ●Can be twisted with a variety of fibers.
    ●Nylon base for a soft feel.
    ●Proven quality in dyeing and laundering durability tests.
    Knits, fabrics, embroidery, inner linings, pantyhose, stockings, etc.