• Glitter Powder

    Add brilliance, shine, and sparkle to your product with Icilon’s glitter!


    With immense industrial experience, we offer a comprehensive range of glitter products in variety of finish with 20+ popular color choices and in desired shapes. Manufacturing distinctive and precision cut products with vivid colors is our expertise!


    Need just a “dust” of glitter?

    Reach out to us!

    Our special-order product, a superfine particle size of glitter, is ideal for those special applications.


    All our products are manufactured in-house, raw materials to the superfine finished product.


    We promise a flawless and dazzling range of Glitter Products of unparalleled superiority.


    Let your imagination soar high when it comes to defining the applications of Icilon’s Glitter! We manufacture Glitter for every kind of application imaginable.

    Polyster Glitter

    Sparkly, shiny and vivid mirror-finish metallic colors. These are the properties that define the Polyester Glitter that’s produced by Icilon. It is manufactured using finest and brightest metallic PET film.


    Our glitter is solvent, UV and heat resistant. Made of superior quality raw materials, it shows an excellent performance and has a versatile palette of application which includes:

    • Clothing

    • Toys

    • Decoration

    • Adhesive

    • Floral Glitter

    • Gifting purpose.

    • Printing ink

    • Fiberglass

    • Trade industry such as cosmetics, plastic.

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    Our cosmetic glitter is completely safe for all kinds of cosmetic purposes including nail polish, nail art, glitter for lips, and glitter powder. Our products are precisely manufactured using progressive technology to provide unmatched quality and attractive appeal.


    This glitter is available in a wide range of shades to jazz up your look with our cosmetic glitter.. The brilliant quality of our cosmetic glitter allows optimum application in all kinds of cosmetic products. It is widely used in


    • Hair sprays

    • Lip gloss

    • Bath gels

    • Eye shadow and makeup

    • Nail varnishes

    Rainbow Glitter

    When a single color is just not enough to bring out the shine your product wants, our Rainbow Glitters range is an ideal choice for you. It produces the effect of a Holographic glitter which reflects the colors catching the eye of the onlooker and generating a spectacular rainbow effect.


    Available in (number) shades, Icilon’s Rainbow Glitter is water as well as solvent resistant. A wide range of applications include:

    • Greeting Card, Festival Decoration and Flower Decoration

    • Fiberglass

    • Fashion

    • Adhesive

    • Craft

    • Printing

    • Aerosol

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