Icilon­ has been generating advanced, cutting-edge fabrics for the modern age!


    Icilon has stood out as one of Gujarat’s leading supplier of GlowFab Fabrics to discern fashion markets across the globe.


    We sell a range of Fabrics to suit our client’s requirements. With Icilon, you can choose from Fabrics like Zarina, PU coated, Lycra Glitter or PeT Sequins depending on your products necessity.


    We focus on meeting international standards of quality, style and excellence. Icilon ensures and checks the quality of the raw materials used by conducting a thorough research. The materials are checked for their strength, flexibility, wash stability, durability and various other factors to give our clients an assurance of producing various shades of excellent quality.

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    Zarina Fabric
    Fine finishing, striking range of variations!


    Zarina Fabrics are manufactured with superior quality non-woven fabrics, zarina mettalic net imported from china, and extraordinary glitter powder. It passes through a series of quality checks to ensure great strength, super flexibility, GSM, crease resistance, and wash stability.


    Our in-house glitter manufacturing unit guarantees excellent quality glitter powder for manufacturing various shades of Zarina Fabrics to satisfy our clients’ desires.

    PU coated Zarina
    Stylish feel, ornamental look!


    PU Coated Fabrics are fabricated with the help of optimum quality PU fabric as the base material. It promises dimensional stability, remarkable durability, weight and bonding strength, and supreme quality.


    The countless amount of color shades cater gracefully to the decorative and festive requirements of our customers.

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    Bonded Fabric
    Applications limited only by imagination!


    The customizable range of Bonded Lycra Fabric provides striking tensile and elastic performance for uninterrupted use. The aesthetic value of the fabric is enhanced by the addition of our finest quality Glitter Powder.


    They are widely used in modifying and augmenting the appeal of various garment products.


    PeT Sequence Rolls

    An endless array of PeT Sequence Rolls!


    Our PeT Sequence Rolls produced with an exclusive lamination process ensures perfect thickness, clarity, tensile strength, and shear strength. The in-house Pet coating unit enables us to manufacture sequence rolls exactly as per our client’s demands.


    Our supreme quality PeT Sequence Rolls are mainly used as composites with textile fabrics.

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